Foil mini dress: because everyone’s a stripper at heart

Foil_mini_dress Oooh, you’ll catch your death in that, young lady! What about a nice cardigan over the top to keep you warm? You could spit peas through that!

Sorry, we suddenly started channeling our mothers for a moment there – a sure sign that we’re getting old. Not as sure a sign, of course, as the fact that when The Fashion Police used to regularly go clubbing, not everyone dressed as pole dancers. In those days, only pole dancers dressed as pole dancers. And, OK, certain Fashion Criminals we could name. (Hi, Britney!)

Now, if websites like Great Glam are to be believed, there’s a pole dancer in each and every single one of us. And she’s just bustin’ to get out of that dress…


  • May 30, 2008


    I’m actually speechless! You’d have to be mad to go out in this, I think it might actually be one of the worst fashion crimes ever.

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  • May 30, 2008


    I think the one thing that would make it even classier would be a condom packet in the little hole the dress has above the belly button.
    Now that would be class!

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  • June 23, 2010


    Great glam does has some nice items…
    This is not one of them

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