Foil cycling shorts from Topshop: WHY?


The Fashion Police’s position on items of clothing that are both skintight and shiny is generally pretty clear cut: DO. NOT. WANT.

But then the shiny leggings came along, and all of a sudden we were forced to re-think that position, because, try as we might, we just couldn’t hate them. In fact, in certain situations, like when they’re being worn with a bit of a rock-chic attitude, and there’s absolutely no hint of crotch on display, we actually found ourselves liking them. We know!

What we’re trying to say here, then, is that The Fashion Police aren’t entirely against the shiny-skin-tightness. When Topshop decided to get all American Apparel on us, though, and brought out these gold foil cycling shorts, we found ourselves right back where we started with this one, in that we have absolutely no idea why these exist. Do you?

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