Wanted Wednesday | Fluffy knitwear

fluffy green cardigan

green cardigan, £38

fluffy knitwear from Topshop

Fluffy sleeveless top, £50

fluffy blue sweater

Fluffy blue sweater, £34

Fluffy knitwear is everywhere for autumn, and you can colour us happy, because if we can find a way to be warm, AND feel ever-so-slightly glamorous, we’re going to take it. And if we can find a way to do it without having to spend an absolute fortune in the process, we’re DEFINITELY going to do it.

Topshop have a great selection of fluffy knitwear at the moment, and you’ll find cardigans, sweaters, tanks and tees, all with that fuzzy-wuzzy feel. Just looking at them makes us want to curl up on the sofa with a mug of hot coffee and a really good book. Just take our advice, and either invest in a lint roller or wear them with fabrics like silk or similar, so all that fluff will just slide off, rather than clinging to your clothes, and making you look like a crazy cat lady. No offence to crazy cat ladies.



  • August 21, 2013


    Crazy Cat Woman Hah!

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  • August 22, 2013

    Miss D

    Ooh! That comment made me spurt coffee out of my nose! Not my normal reaction to your fabulous site/s ! x

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