Save or Splurge: flower-embellished shoes by Prada and Caparros

Prada_shoesOn our last Save or Splurge, Natasha commented that shoes are one of the few items she’d actually splurge on, and we’d have to concur with that one. Let’s put the theory to the test, though, with these flower-embellished shoes which come from Caparros (left) and Prada (right). No, they’re not identical, but they’re both dress shoes, both have similar little roses on the front, and if you wanted the style without the spend, the budget shoe could just be an option.

Is it, though? The “save” item has won almost every single one of these games so far, so let’s see if we can tempt you into splashing the cash with these beauties from Prada. Save or Splurge, folks: what’s it gonna be?

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