Wanted! Pretty floral print bra by La Senza

Floral_print_bra We’ve tried to get into floral print, we really have. We see it on other people, and we think, "Hmm, pretty!" but every time we try to wear it ourselves, we inevitably end up looking like post-war spinsters, and find ourselves wanting to invite elderly ladies round to Fashion Police HQ for a nice cup of tea and a scone.

So floral print on dresses, skirts, etc? Nice, but just not for us.

On lingerie, on the other hand? Well now, that’s a totally different matter, and when we discovered this pretty little bra on the La Senza website, we found ourselves cooing over it as if it were a small, fluffy animal.

Then we glanced at the price and discovered it was on sale for £5. Don’t you just love it when that happens?

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