Flares make a comeback: will you be wearing them?

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For a long time now we’ve been bemoaning the status of the skinny jean as the ONLY choice in denim at the moment (even those of us who love them can see that a little bit of variety wouldn’t hurt every now and then), so when we heard that flares were destined to be one of the big looks of this winter, we knew right away that some of you would be ripping your skinnies off and dancing in the streets with gay abandon. Which is actually a kind of weird mental image, so moving on…

The return of the flare is, of course, part of the 70s revival that’s currently hitting the fashion world, and it doesn’t apply only to denim: we’ve spotted flared pants in almost all fabrics out there in the retail world over the past couple of weeks, and now we’re wondering what you all think of them?

On the plus side, flares make your thighs look slimmer (let’s face it, anything would look slim next to a giant bellbottom), are one of the least offensive of the 70s trends, and can look pretty cute with a tailored jacket and one of those big floppy hats. On the minus side, though, they can also make you a perfect target for the Foot Snatcher, and all that material flapping around the ankles could feel kinda weird after years of skinnies.

What’s the verdict, then? Do you say YAY or NAY to the return of flares? You’ll find some celebrity flare-wearers under the jump to help you decide…

Nicole Richie


Katie Holmes


Kate Moss

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