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Our High Street Halloween series focuses on helping you create Halloween costumes using clothes you can buy on the high street – and which you’ll have a much better chance of wearing again than you would with a store-bought costume. Today’s post is about that costume party classic, the Flapper Girl costume.

flapper girl costume for halloween

Flapper wig | headband |dress | cigarette holder | necklace

How to find  a Flapper Girl Costume on the High Street

Ah, the flapper girl costume! It’s an all-time favourite for women who want to look glamorous rather than scary, and it’s a really easy costume to put together, too. Of course, you’ll find no end of flapper girl costumes in fancy dress stores, but why spend your money on a costume dress, when you could buy one of these ACTUAL dresses instead?

flapper dresses

Aztec beaded midi dress | Black flapper dress |Cream embellished hem dress

These dresses are all from Miss Selfridge, and while they’re definitely more expensive than the average Halloween costume, the fact that they’re so much prettier than one makes them the kind of thing you’ll want to wear again. It won’t take much effort to make these the basis of a flapper girl costume, but it also won’t take much effort to wear them as part of a more contemporary party outfit – and a really unusual one at that.

To complete your flapper girl costume, you just need a few more props:

The hair

If you have short hair already, or the ability to make your hair LOOK short, you can DIY this look, but if not, check out the selection of flapper girl wigs on Amazon: most cost just a few pounds.

The headband

We also found the headband in our image at Miss Selfridge: if you can’t find something ready made, however, a regular, stretchy Alice band, worn around the head, with a feather stuck into it, will create the same look, and cost you next to nothing.

A cigarette holder

Again, if this is something you don’t own, your only real option is a joke shop/eBay/Amazon: luckily this is the kind of prop that can also be picked up very cheaply.

Other accessories

Strings of beads, art deco brooches, fishnet tights… all of these will help add the final touches to your flapper girl costume, and can be found easily enough, if you don’t already own them.

Have fun!

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