FLABuLESS – tights for your arms. No, really…

Arm_hoiseryWe realise that, at first glance, the garment above probably looks just like a shrug to you, but think again, folks, because this is no mere “shrug” – no, this is what its makers describe as “arm hosiery”. Or, “tights for your arms” in other words.

Why would you need tights for your arms, we hear you ask? Well, according to the press release that accompanied these images, it’s mostly so that you can hide and tone your flabby underarm area if you have one – the “tights” will not only hold you in, they also claim to improve the appearance of the skin and “minimize fine lines”.

We’re slightly confused by this because as far as we can tell, if you wear this you’re probably still going to have to hide your arms under long sleeves and avoid the tank tops, because if you don’t, your bingo wings may not be on show, but your arm tights will be. But if you think this is a great idea and you can’t wait to get hold of one, look no further than the FLABuLESS website.

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