Very good point! Old Navy and Target would be on …

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Very good point! Old Navy and Target would be on my list too.
And you are so right, “international shipping” is not enough. Free People charges 35$ postage to Europe plus of course taxes have to be paid which are around another 20%.
eShakti, popular for their dresses don’t even offer international delivery at all.
I appreciate that big companies such as Nordstrom or Ann Taylor use providers for their international customers which make additional costs at least obvious even though not cheaper.
I tend to rely on UK brands with low or even free shipping and return costs to Germany.

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No thank you, I wore them in the 80ies but don’t need them again.

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Excellent post! I followed Catherine all the way along the competition and was so happy to eventually see her amongst the other gorgeous ladies. Great initiative by Fever London!

I also like to read reviews and especially comments on “true to size” when it comes to shoes.

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Style Trial | Bare ankles in winter
Agree with everything you said! I go without tights or socks as long as I possibly can and take them off as early as possible after the winter. However, I live in Southern Germany and we have snow – besides the cold I would completely ruin my shoes. Usually I take a pair of shoes to the office and change. For outfit posts I wear “realistic” footwear 😉

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Cold-Weather Fashion Crimes
The sausage thing is hilarious – I can’t believe peolple are seriously doing that?!

I couldn’t agree more to no.1-8 and was laughing out loud while reading… except maybe no. 5. Obviously I wouldn’t wear real summer clothes in winter (we do have snow here in the Bavarian Alps!) but taking a few lighter dresses into the cold season and wearing them with tights, boots and a knitted cardigan and maybe a scarf does make sense, doesn’t it?

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WANTED! Anthropologie bowtie pencil skirt
Added to my Christmas wishlist… 🙂

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