I wish Modcloth & Redbubble (or something like it) shipped …

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I wish Modcloth & Redbubble (or something like it) shipped to Canada without duties. Or that their products could qualify as gifts, which evade duty, I guess?
Modcloth has a lot of great dresses, sweaters, and accessories. It also has a great system of eliminating confusion about sizing. It’s weak on underwear, pants that aren’t jeans, & pricing. Also, too many items are dry clean only. So far for me, it’s a window shopping site (I also vote in their Be the Buyer section, which has members vote on proposed designs or existing items that Modcloth might carry).
Redbubble screenprints original designs onto American Apparel shirts & hoodies (it also sells prints & stickers). It has a lot of stuff: geeky fandom things, funny sayings and other stuff. I recently bought 5 t-shirts – one was Jurassic Park & Firefly/Serenity related, another was A Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones, one was The Birds (Hitchcock), one was Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, & one was Lord of the Rings. This kind of thing is really cool for fandoms that are smaller, or have overpriced merchandise, or crappy merchandise, or good stuff that doesn’t focus on what you love about the fandom.

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I dislike the distressed/destroyed look for jeans, and it looks even stupider confined to one place. I also think I would dislike these jeans anyway – they look extremely tight even with no-one in them, and they all seem kind of dated – ’80s to ’90s. The washes and the fabrics look ugly.

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I would like it with a lining. However, the first thing that struck me was that the picture on the right looks to me like a smaller head has been Photoshopped onto a larger body. Which is odd, since it’s the same pose, the right is simply larger on her face and torso.

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I thought of a horse face for #2, but when I read your comments I could definitely see Simba, as well. It especially makes me think of the poster art for The Lion King on Broadway.

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I can only guess that the fedora thing is because of the stereotype that self-proclaimed Nice Guys and entitled bronies who want My Little Pony to cater to them and not the target audience wear fedoras – basically assholes who write anonymous internet hate and threats.

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B looks like a sad cartoon bird

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