Five party dresses under £25

party dresses under £25

pink strapless prom dress, £20; oriental print dress, £18; silver jacquard dress, £20; red crepe dress, £18

A £20 party dress, which you can pick up at the supermarket, and pay for along with the rest of your groceries? It doesn’t exactly SOUND like the most stylish solution to a Christmas wardrobe crisis, but when we headed over to George at Asda to check out the party dresses, we found quite a few that we wouldn’t kick out of the closet.

All of the dresses above are under £25 – in fact, none of them are over £20 – so if you’re hoping to get through the party season while sticking to a budget, don’t overlook the supermarket, is what we’re saying. This selection also gives a nod to current trends, with 50s-influenced shapes, and the ever-present jacquard which has been popping up on dresses for a while now, and which is a nice, wintery fabric, with a touch of glamour.

Our favourite, as if you couldn’t guess, is the pale pink strapless number, which has that nice, vintage feel, and would allow us to indulge our inner princess quite effectively. That’s just us, though, so if you’re looking for something a little less pink and frothy, take a look at the George website to see the full selection.

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