Five Fashion Phrases We Hate: feel free to add your own


The fashion world, like any other industry, is full of its own little phrases and buzzwords: in fact, there are so many of them that we had to start developing a glossary.

Of course, some of these terms are great, while others… aren’t. Some even start off sounding great, but gradually become irritating through sheer repetition. Here are five of the phrases that we currently wish we could send to jail*. Feel free to add your own in the comments box!

1. “Rocking”.  As in “I could so totally rock this” or “Rihanna was rocking a pair of leggings”. Seriously, just wear your clothes. Stop with the rocking. It sounds like the kind of thing your dad would say if he was trying to be “down with the kids”.

2. “Bang on trend”. It gets bang on our nerves when people say this. Sorry.

3. “Real woman”. Actually, ALL women are real. (Well, with the exception of Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is actually a figment of the Fashion Police’s imagination.) Imagine that! Thin people are not imaginary! You learn something new every day!

4. Following on from the above: “She needs to eat a sandwich.” Yeah, we get it, some people are skinny. Why is always a sandwich they apparently need to eat, though? Why not a… Big Mac? Or a Chinese takeaway? Or a Cadbury’s Cream Egg?

5. “Edgy”. This is used as a catch-all excuse for everything these days. Got dressed in the dark this morning? That’s OK, just say you’re being “edgy” – everyone will be too busy pretending to ALSO be “edgy” to admit they think you just look like the madwoman from the attic.

Over to you: what are your current pet hates in terms of fashion lingo?

*The Fashion Police admit that they may have used some of these phrases themselves at times. We’re writing ourselves a citation as we speak…

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