You know if she does look like a golf club …

Comment on Victoria Beckham banned from wearing heels, worried about looking like “a golf club” by Stef.

You know if she does look like a golf club it’s because she is a little too thin. To be honest with all her weight issues I’m surprised she was able to get pregnant and carry to term (not that she had much in the way of a bump). I can’t say about her giving birth because I believe she had a 4th caesarean.

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Less is more in this case definitely. Surely she’s got enough money for a decent stylist and maybe some clothes that are custom fit??

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The long ones over tights.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
The outfit is great but the shoes are ugly. They make her feet look huge.

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The two-tone effect on her jacket makes it look like she’s wearing high-waisted trousers… She looks good anyway though 😀

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Death please but if I had to choose it would be the orange simply because the skirt is a nicer shape.

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