Usolved Mysteries | Finger Gloves

So, we’re all familiar with the concept of fingerless gloves, yes? They’re exactly what they sound like – gloves without fingers – and they’re designed to be worn by:

a) 80s Madonna

b) People with cold hands who need to be able to use their fingers: to type in a freezing office, say, or to perform some kind of manual, outdoor task on a very cold day.

Fingerless gloves aren’t a mystery. They’re not exactly STYLISH, sure, but they fall into that category of “things that don’t really need to be stylish, because they have a purely practical use, and as long as they fulfil that use, who cares what they look like?”

That’s fingerLESS gloves, though. Today, we’re here to discuss their polar opposite:

finger gloves

finger gloves

[Buy them here]

Behold, people: FINGER GLOVES. They’re gloves… for your fingers. And ONLY for your fingers. They’re $393 for a set of set of five (So, just under $800 if you want to glove ALL your fingers, then…), and we WERE about to arrest them for committing Daylight Robbery, but then we realised each “glove” is attached to a silver or gold ring. We guess that explains the price, but it still doesn’t explain, you know, the EXISTENCE of these, because, seriously, WHY? We can understand why you’d need gloves with no fingers (see above), but we’re not so clear on why you’d need fingers with no gloves. What is this mysterious situation in which your fingers are cold but your hands are warm? What would you be doing that would require the hand itself to be bare, while the fingers were covered? Do these scenarios eve exist? Or is this just yet another example of a fashion brand trying to dupe the innocent public into thinking we need to pay hundreds of dollars for something that will turn out to be of no use whatsoever?

Anyone care to solve this mystery for us?

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