Fendi invite us to paint our own Baguettes


Now, maybe it’s just us, but does it seem to anyone else that if you’d paid, say, $1,300 for a handbag, you’d kind of expect it to be already finished? Or, if not, you’d just not dare to set about it yourself with some magic markers? Well, that’s the idea behind Fendi’s ‘Design Your Own Baguette’ kit? For the aforementioned $1,300 you get a plain white ‘ghost’ Baguette, plus ten Pantone Universe markers, which you use to create your own design on the bag. Beware, though, the bag is "only returnable in its original condition", so if you mess it up, sorry, you ain’t getting a refund.

It’s a cute idea for the artistically gifted, but given that The Fashion Police can’t even draw a cat, we think we’ll stick to the pre-designed bags, thanks all the same. Fendi. Anyone out there willing to have a go at designing their own? 


  • March 13, 2008


    TOTALLY don’t have the guts. Seriously. I’d screw it up and hate myself forever.
    Sorry, if I’m gonna spend a grand on a purse, it’d better be amazing already.

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  • March 13, 2008


    Fendi missed the mark with this one. The bag should cost LESS, not more. Because as an artistically gifted one, I love the idea and would totally spend 200 dollars for a real fendi that I can draw on. But for 1000+…Hell to the no.

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  • March 14, 2008


    I agree with all your sentiments, but I just love colouring in so I had a few attempts at this on my blog awhile ago!

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