Fendi’s 10th Anniversary Baguette – so exlusive only 40 are being made


Ah, the Fendi Baguette! First of the "It" bags, and the absolute must-have fashion accessory if you were a fashionista during the 1990s. Well, this is Fendi’s limited edition 10th Anniversary edition of the baguette, and it’s so limited in edition that only 40 will ever be made, so if you want one… um, you’re probably already too late. Sorry.

Watersnake handle, red satin lining and "limited edition" bead embroidery, plus the classic double-F clasp make up the bag, but we suspect it’s the fact that it’s a Fendi Baguette and has been hyped to the hills is what justifies the $6,670 price tag, because we’re not seeing anything particularly "special" here, are you?

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