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Fashion bloggers.

We love ’em.

Fashion bloggers, and the things they wear, are far more interesting to us than the models and celebrities we so often see held up as “style icons”. Why? Because anyone can look good in borrowed designer clothes, carefully selected by a stylist, and paired with flawless hair and professionally-applied makeup: not everyone can look good on a budget, wearing clothes they picked out themselves, and which they wear in “real life” situations which we can actually relate to, as opposed to on the red carpet. This is what fashion bloggers give us: the opportunity to see women (and men!) we can relate to, wearing clothes we might actually buy.

Are ALL fashion bloggers like this? Not at all: in fact, it’s true to say that some fashion bloggers can seem just as un-relatable as those red-carpet-walking celebrities. Even so, there are so many fashion bloggers out there, with so many different styles and approaches to fashion, that it’s easy to find at least some with the ability to inspire. On this page, you’ll find fashion bloggers from all over the world: we hope you’ll enjoy checking out their blogs, and that you’ll consider submitting your own, if you have one!

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