Wednesday Wants: TFP’s Favourite Fashion, every Wednesday

Wednesday Wants: a random selection of things we want. On Wednesday. Simple.

Here are some of the things that caught our eyes this week…

ASOS Pencil Dress In Summer Rose Jacquard

ASOS Pencil Dress In Summer Rose Jacquard, £65

This dress is from the ASOS Collection line, which we’ve been loving this season: the pieces are a little higher quality (and therefore have a correspondingly higher price tag) than you may be used to seeing from ASOS, and there are some really stunning items to be found there. We featured the floral jacquard pencil dress from this line a couple of months ago, and can confirm that it’s even more beautiful in real life than it looked in the photos, and the kind of dress we wouldn’t have been surprised to find was from a much higher-end brand, if you’d snipped out the tags and asked us to guess where it came from. We suspect the same might be true of this dress: it would be easy to dismiss it as “frumpy”, thanks to the high neck and low hem, and we know many of you will worry that it wouldn’t pass the “Could It Be Curtains?” test , but ASOS have been doing a really nice line in jacquard fabric this season, and we’d be willing to give this dress a shot.

Valentino Daisy Piqué Embroidered Dress

Valentino Daisy Piqué Embroidered Dress, £2041

OK, so we didn’t say all of our Wednesday Wants would necessarily be affordable ones. Sometimes it’s fun to go fantasy shopping, and let your imagination run wild, and in the totally fictional scenario in which we have the means to afford any item of clothing we want (not to mention the occasion to actually wear it), we’d buy this Valentino dress in a heartbeat. And we’d accessorize it with this Karen Millen bag:

Karen Millen butterfly tote bag

Karen Millen Mini butterfly cutwork leather tote, £185

Want to see something a little less pricey? This broderie anglaise skirt is $55, comes in blue and white, and is the kind of thing we’d happily wear all summer long:

broderie anglaise skirt

Dorothy Perkins broderie anglaise skirt, $55

These are just a few of our current wants on this fine Wednesday morning. We’d love to see yours, too, though, so feel free to drop us a comment telling us what you’re lusting after right now: remember you can also upload images to your comment, to let everyone see what you’re talking about!

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