Fashion Police declare war on Crocs

Crocs Girls Mary Jane (Girls') - Red

It’s just not funny any more, is it? I mean, we’ve said nothing about Crocs here – mostly because no one should need The Fashion Police to point out that these, my friends, are a crime of fashion to behold – but it’s come to our attention that some people are actually wearing Crocs with no irony intended, and, well, it’s got to stop really, hasn’t it?

As far as I can tell, there’s nothing to like about Crocs – and before you all start with the "oh, but they’re so comfortable!" thing, save it. I don’t want to know. My skanky old dressing gown is comfortable – sorry, but that doesn’t make me want to wear it out in public. So the "comfort" argument? Totally irrelevant here. You want to know what bothers me more than the regular Crocs, and the flip flop Crocs, and all the freakin’ butt-ugly Crocs in all their many colours, though? It’s these: the Crocs Georgie Boot Womens

Pray for them, folks, and those that wear them.

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