In my beauty school when they were going over the …

Comment on Fashion Police declare war on Crocs by Haley.

In my beauty school when they were going over the dresscode we were told that crocs are absolutely verboten, which prompted a lengthy digression into how disgusting they really are, during which time I was told that they’re edible. EDIBLE! According to someone from my class, if you’re like, starving to death in the wilderness and you’ve got crocs on, all you have to do is boil them down and voila -sustenance. I’m sort of the callous type so I said that anyone wearing crocs deserves to be lost in the wilderness. Although, I can’t verify that statement at all, I almost want to believe it just because its so bad.

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I love Colin Firth’s slightly bemused expression here.

Identity Parade: Which shoe is the designer version?
Suspect B has a lower heel, and also that tacky looking stitching. That must be the knock-off.

“Style” on Trial: ‘Heelarious’ high heels for babies
Argh, this reminds me of the Irish gypsies in my hometown who took their toddlers to mass wearing short shorts and fishnets and full makeup.

Mohair pants. We’re speechless…
The real question is, is the model a) very fat with slender feet, or b) wearing a fat suit, or is it just that mohair is exceptionally thick? Whatever it is, “transvestite cookie monster” is probably the best description.

Bizarre jeans/legwarmers/stirrup pants love triangle
That pocket stitching is definitely Miss Sixty. I hope gokarm is right and this is some kind of joke. I think I might be sick if I saw someone actually wearing those in public.

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