Loath crocs. Just terrible shoes. Ok for the …

Comment on Fashion Police declare war on Crocs by Icy.

Loath crocs. Just terrible shoes. Ok for the beach (maybe) but NO where else.

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The Skirt Legging: Handy or horrible?
My daughter has some of these; of course she is a year old and it works on her.

Wanted! Anthropologie ‘Take a Bow’ jacket
Dreamy! I soo want that jacket, and in that colour too!

Fabiola Beracasa joins the Lady Gaga school of “naked” style
And is it me, or can I see a seam running dow from her middle to her … eh hem. Perhaps the less said the better.

Dress of the Day: Catherine Malandrino cotton petal-detail sundress
Don’t worry. NSW, Australia changes back in April. Such a pretty colour!

Style on Trial: Jelly Shoes
Yes to the beach instead of flip-flops (or thongs as we call them in Australia), no anywhere else.

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