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Calvin Klein re-issues Cher’s white dress from Clueless, charges $916 for it

Mel: What the hell is that?  Cher: A dress. Mel: Says who? Cher: Calvin Klein! Who didn’t love Clueless? The clothes! The quote-ability! That amazing revolving closet! And, of course, the white strappy Calvin dress that almost got Cher into all kinds of trouble with dad… If you loved the Cher look, you may be happy to know that Calvin Klein has reissued that dress in both red and white, as a limited edition, through a collaboration with Confederacy. Or, at least, you’ll be happy until we tell you they’re selling it for $916. Yup, for a dress that may well be “iconic”, but which still essentially looks like one of American Apparel’s jersey chemises, or something very similar: Fashion victims,…

Jessica Simpson makes jeans: will you be trying them?

Not content with her shoe line alone, Jessica Simpson will launch her jeanswear line later this year, and provided a “sneak peak” of some of the designs at the New York showroom this week – although it’s actually kind of hard to tell from this “peak” what the finished products will be like, meaning we have to rely on the PR blurb, which tells us the jeans will be “iconic yet fashion forward; always accessible yet timeless.” All bases covered there, then… What do you think, then? Have you had your fill of celebrity “designed” fashion, or will you be racing to try this one out?

Urban Outfitters ‘Eat Less’ t-shirt: are you offended?

Earlier this month, Urban Outfitters were forced to remove a t-shirt bearing the slogan “Eat Less” from their website (although according to some reports, the shirt is still being sold in-store), after complaints that the message was pro-anorexia, and therefore offensive. We guess the fact that the model wearing it definitely doesn’t need to “eat less” didn’t help matters there… IS it offensive, though? After all, it seems to be perfectly acceptable these days to tell thin people they “need to eat a sandwich” and obesity is a huge (pardon the pun) issue too, so the counter-argument being made by those who don’t find the shirt in the least bit offensive, is that it’s simply a health message. The fact that…

Suspect Roundup: dresses from the Erin Fetherston Resort preview

Erin Fetherston is previewing her Resort collection this week and since we love dresses and she loves dresses, we thought we’d show you some of her latest. We love the strapless/tank top hybrid dresses that are a cornerstone of the collection, especially the print version. The girlie one-shouldered dress verges on being a  bit bridesmaidish, but we’d still love to be a bridesmaid in that wedding. If you’re loving the collection, be sure to check out the French film “L’Amant, which Fetherston names as her inspiration for Resort. “I wanted to capture an effortless, chic sesnsibility in an offering with lots of mix and matchability,” she said.

Wireless High-Heeled Electric Guitar Shoe

It looks rock and roll, it even plays rock and roll! That’s right, this wireless high-heeled electric guitar shoe is actually functional. As a tiny guitar, that is. I’m not sure how functional it would be as a shoe. Siberian-born designer Max Kibardin created the piece in collaboration with Hangar as part of a collection of artsy objects. Chicks on Speed‘s collection of “Objekt Instruments” also includes cigar-box synthesizers and hats with microphones and speakers. It will all be on display through August 8 at Dundee Contemporary Arts. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan to add handbags to 6126 line

The Fashion Police station pretty much has a revolving door for Lindsay Lohan, and her leggings line cum clothing collection 6126. The next file we’re going to have to open? One specifically for handbags. LaLohan revealed her love for handbags and plans to add them to her line in WWD this week. “I’ve always loved handbags; they are the most important accessory to me,” said Lohan, creative director for 6126. “The right bag can take any outfit to the next level, giving it that finishing touch and really making it complete.” The Blaze bag, previewed above, features black and nude snake-embossed leather with napa trim and interlaced corset gusset detail. The pieces will range in price from $165 to $395…

New shoe line Acrobats of God: Ecstatic for elastic or a bit of a stretch?

There’s definitely something cool about Acrobats of God, the new shoe line from designer Nicole Brundage. It’s kind of hard to do something new and fresh in footwear that isn’t too gimmicky or unwearable. So kudos to Brundage and her collection of woven elastic and leather shoes featuring funky wooden heels and a pretty unique vision. But the line attracts some unfashionable comparisons. First, a lot of the elastic here – especially the black and nude – reminds us of bra straps. Another negative association? The elastic-trim craze of the late ’80s and early ’90s which saw everything from overly chunky heels to grandmotherly loafers sporting spans of the stretchy stuff. Nowadays it’s mostly relegated to “comfort” footwear and the…

Pixie Lott for Lipsy available now: what do you think?

British singer Pixie Lott became the latest celebrity to turn fashion designer when her new collection for high street chain Lipsy launched this week. The collection falls into two categories: festival and party, so you’ll find a mix of mini and maxi dresses, plus some basic tanks, and even a pair of lace hot-pants. Prices start at £25 for the hotpants, and go up to £75 for one of the dresses, with a whole range of price points in between. You can view the full collection at the Lipsy website, and we’ve provided a selection of the pieces available in the gallery below. What do you think? Are you tired of celebrity “designers”, or is this one you don’t want to…

Faith shoes goes into administration

It’s a Black Friday indeed for UK shoe lovers, as Faith shoes announced today that the company has gone into administration, with the above message posted on their website. All is not quite lost for Faith, and there are already rumours of a buyout by department store Debenhams, which already carries Faith stock as one of its concessions. We have all of our fingers crossed that something can be done to allow the brand to continue: they’ve been an intrinsic part of the UK high street for a long time now, and have produced some beautiful shoes over the years, so it would be very sad to see them go out of business altogether. Here’s hoping for better news soon: Faith,…

New suspect in town: Coach coming to the U.K.

Yes, wanted internationally for making shoppers love to hate and hate to love them, American accessories behemoth Coach is coming to the U.K. and France in the next 12 months. Arriving first in France via their Printemps department store, those in the U.K. can look out for a London flagship amongst other locations soon after. Like many handbag brands, Coach often does best when it keeps its logo small and unobtrusive, like on the Floral Embroidery Audrey Bag above, $498. If even this pearlized Nappa leather is too much for you, there is a lovely classic version in cowhide leather for $398. The brand is definitely best positioned to avoid the Fashion Police when they stick to their classic, ladylike…

Primark criticised for selling padded bikinis for little girls

High street giant Primark have withdrawn a padded bikini top made for seven year old girls and up, after criticism from parents, child protection organisations and others, who claimed the item was “too sexy” and exploitative for young children. Following widespread criticism, the retailer removed the bikinis from sale, and issued a statement saying: ” “Primark has taken note of the concern this morning regarding the sale of certain bikini tops for girls, a product line that sells in relatively small quantities. The company has stopped the sale of this product line with immediate effect. Primark will donate all the profits made from this product line to a children’s charity, and apologises to customers for any offence caused.” Some photos…

Alexander MCQueen commits suicide

Breaking News: Alexander McQueen commits suicide

We don’t have much information on this story as yet, but staff at Alexander McQueen’s office confirmed this afternoon that the designer has been found dead, having apparently committed suicide. We’re in shock. What tragic news, and what a terrible loss for both the fashion world, and, it goes without saying, his family and friends. Mr McQueen, you will be sadly missed. [source]

Tesco bans shoppers from wearing pyjamas in their store: were they right?

Pyjamas in public: The Fashion Police have so far been fortune enough to avoid seeing this phenomenon in action, but we know from our spies on the ground that it’s becoming increasingly common – not just in supermarkets, but on college campuses and at the school gate, too. Now UK supermarket giant Tesco has become the first supermarket chain in the UK to introduce a dress code specifically forbidding customers to shop in pyjamas: the St Mellons store in Cardiff has put up printed notices at the doors, and has already had several pj-clad patrons escorted from the premises for flouting the rules by turning up in nightwear, including dressing gowns and slippers. Meanwhile, the headteacher at a UK primary…

Zac Posen for Target: what do you think?

Dear Target, Please consider opening some stores in the UK: we Brit girls really want to get our hot little hands of some of your designer collaborations too, you know! Thanks, The Fashion Police x These images from the Zac Posen for Target collection have just been released, and we have to say, we think this is is the best of the Go International lines so far. The dresses in particular are absolutely adorable, and we’re weeping tears of frustration here at the thought that we can’t have them! If you can, April 25th is the date to put in your diary, as that’s when these will go on sale. What’s your verdict, Fashion Police jurors? [source]

Jimmy Choo for Ugg Australia

Brace yourselves, readers: Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon has announced that her brand is collaborate with Ugg Australia on a limited edition of Ugg boots. Or Ugg-Choos as we suppose we’ll have to call them. No, we’re not making this up. Actually, it’s not a total departure for Jimmy Choo: the brand collaborated with Hunter boots last year, as well as creating their line for H&M, but Ugg boots are such a “love or loathe” (or in some cases, “loathe or loathe even more”) style that we’re sure this news will raise a few eyebrows. The boots will retail for between £495 and £695, and will be available from October this year. What will the love child of Ugg and…

Air New Zealand staff think their new uniform makes them look like “drag queens”

Air New Zealand’s cabin crew aren’t happy with their new uniforms. We can kinda see why. Some members of staff have complained that the black and pink dresses, designed by Trelise Cooper, make them look like “drag queens”. We think they’ll make them look more like wallpaper, personally: really bright pink wallpaper, obviously, and there’ll be no chance of blending into the background, but wallpaper all the same. Air New Zealand, meanwhile, claim the design is “contemporary” and feminine, and will match the interiors of the company’s new aircraft (We can’t WAIT to see those!). What do YOU think, though, readers? Would you be happy to wear this to work every day?

River Island and ASOS dominate Company Fashion Awards 2009

Two of our favourite UK high street chains have dominated the Company Fashion Awards this year.  River Island was named Best Fashion Retailer and won a further three awards, but wasn’t far behind, with a total of three awards. Over 50,000 UK shoppers voted in these awards, and you’ll find a full list of the categories and winners under the jump. What do you think, though? Whose your best fashion retailer of the year?

Gap to open store in China and start selling online in the UK & Canada: now, who’s next?

Whee! Soon people in China will be able to dress just like this! The Fashion Police have had a long-standing, albeit pretty half-assed campaign to get more fashion retailers selling online (and to the WHOLE world, not just a few select parts of it), so while Gap sadly didn’t make it onto our list of Five Fashion Stores We’d Like to See Selling Online, we still have to say: it’s about time. Yes, Gap will start selling online in the UK and Canada, having previously only shipped within the United States, in 2010, when they’ll also open their first store in China. It’s not clear at the moment if this will apply only to Gap, or to the other Gap-owned brands,…

Mark Fast uses “plus sized” models in London Fashion Week Show

Our old friend Mark Fast (he of “mini dress for hookers” fame) has caused a bit of a stir at London Fashion Week by deciding to use “plus sized” models in his show. Apparently a a freelance stylist and casting director working for the designer quit over the casting of the models, and.. (No, wait. Before we go any further with this, we just have to say: size 14 is “plus sized” now? Really? Because none of the models who appeared in this show was bigger than a UK 14 (about a US size 12), and last we checked, that was nowhere near “plus sized”. But we digress.) Fast’s creative director, Amanda May, said: “We’re glad we stuck to our…