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Real Life Fashion Police: Richmond Community Schools introduce super-strict dress code

So, you’re probably wondering what the deal is with the striped top. Sure, stripes aren’t for everyone, but banning them seems a little extreme, even for The Fashion Police, no? Well, yeah, it does. It’s not too extreme for the school district in Richmond, Indiana, though, who’ve just introduced a new dress code which bans… well, just about everything really. Under this code, students are only allowed to wear totally plain clothes: no patterns, no logos, no stripes.  And if you think that’s easy, try telling it to the almost 200 kids who’ve been suspended for wearing “inappropriate dress”, which includes clothes that have even the tiniest emblem or pattern on them somewhere. Showing your collarbone will also get you…

Marc Jacobs gets some help with his next collection. From Miss Piggy.

Looks like Marc Jacobs has called in some expert help for his next collection. It’s… Miss Piggy! Man, but those Muppets are HOT right now. (By ‘muppets’, we’re referring to the actual Muppets, you understand. We’re not just insulting Marc Jacobs.) Jacobs has designed a special couture gown for Miss Piggy, which she’ll be wearing to Glamourama in Chicago. Which just goes to show: Marc doesn’t ONLY make clothes for skinny models. Oh hell to the no.

Henry Holland designs tights for Selfridges

For those of you who love Henry Holland, but can't quite make your budget fit his prices, at least you know you can always afford a pair of his tights. The designer has created a range of Pretty Polly tights, which are being sold exclusively at Selfridges in London, for the next two weeks. Two of the styles are shown above, and others have already been seen on Pixie Geldof and – yes, you guessed it – Agyness Deyn. We're not sure about the tights, but we have to say, we're in love with the packaging:

Stop Press! Rodarte for Target!

Some good fashion news to get us all through the Hump Day… WWD reports today that Rodarte will be the next brand to design a range for Target's Go, International label. According to WWD, "The 55-piece Rodarte line for Go International will launch at most Target stores nationwide and on on Dec. 20, and will be available through Feb. 6.  Prices for the collection will range from $9.99 for knee-highs to $79.99 for a leopard print jacket." We don't expect the line will bear any resemblance AT ALL to the Rodarte pieces shown above, but hey, you never know…

Primark’s Autum 09 Collection: what do you think?

Are you ready to start thinking about Autumn fashion yet? No, we’re not either. But with the world of fashion always operating one season ahead, think about it we must, so here’s a quick look at Primark’s Fall collection, which generally gives us a good idea of what a large percentage of the UK population will be wearing – and what eBay sellers will be profiting on. Some of these pieces will be available in store now, but you’ll have to wait until September/October for others. Prices are what you’d expect from the Polyester Palace, around £15 for dresses, £12 for tops and £22 for shoes – which you can see in more detail over at Shoeperwoman. You’ll find some…

The UK’s Tops 10 Fashion Crimes, according to Lakeside Shopping Centre

For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Lakeside is a large mall in Essex, England. They've just conducted a poll to try and work out what the UK's worst fashion crimes are, and here's what they found: 1. Showing off a flabby midriff 61% 2. Shell suit tucked into socks with trainers 47% 3. Showing G-string above the jeans 36% 4. Socks with sandals 33% 5. Sporting a builder's bum 27% 6. A ‘muffin top’ over low cut jeans 22% 7. Head to toe animal print 22% 8. A mullet hair cut 16% 9. Head to toe Burberry check 15% 10. Wearing black shoes with white socks 14% What do you think, readers: do you agree with these?

Teenager makes prom dress out of coffee filters

You have to admit, this is pretty creative, no? Aimee Kick from Missouri, US, spent a month creating this dress, which is made completely from coffee filters, for her senior prom at Francis Howell North High School. The 18-year-old aspiring fashion designer spends a lot of time at coffee shops and has become known locally as the “the girl with a coffee cup”. Although presumably now she’ll be known as “the girl in the coffee dress“. It ended up a whole lot nicer than some prom dresses we’ve seen, too. Two more photos under the jump…

Lulu Guinness celebrates 20th anniversary in style

When you're a fashion designer attending a party to celebrate your label's 20th anniversary, we guess you're allowed to wear an outfit that makes your body look like a giant purple face if you want to. Happy 20th anniversary, Lulu Guinness!

Police in Flint, MI, issue ‘crackdown’ on saggy pants

We may not actually be a real police force (sorry to burst anyone's bubble, there), but that doesn't mean the Fashion Police don't exist, and as longtime readers of this site may remember, the police force in Flint, Michigan, are only too happy to turn their hands to fashion policing, if it means they get to arrest people in saggy pants. Yes, wearing saggy pants has actually been outlawed in Flint, and now it's being reported that the force there have issued this handy guide to help people stay on the right side of the law: or to help their pants stay on the right side of the butt, as the case may be. It's wrong that we were amused…

Peaches Geldof is the new face – er, body – of Miss Ultimo

More lingerie, this time from Ultimo, who've just launched their new 'Miss Ultimo' line, with a campaign starring the ubiquitous Peaches Geldof. She really is everywhere right now, isn't she? The lingerie itself is a younger, fresher take on Ultimo's usual offerings, and some of the pieces are very cute. Take a look under the jump to see more of Peaches (maybe more than you'd really like to see of her, who knows) or visit the website here.

Lisca lingerie make Smart Memory Bra to boost cleavage when you’re aroused

We thought we'd mysteriously gone back in time to April Fool's Day when we first heard about this, but no, it's a true story: lingerie label Lisca have developed a bra which works out when you're feeling, um, hot to trot, and adjusts your cleavage accordingly. The bra apparently reacts to changes in body temperature brought on my sexual arousal, and changes shape to push the breasts together, making them look bigger. When your temperature drops, so do your boobs, with the cups loosening in reaction to the change in temperature. These aren't available to buy just yet, but will sell for around £25 if and when the company finds a distributor. Would you buy one, though? [Source]

Diane Von Furstenberg compensates designers for copycat jacket design

Diane Von Furstenberg found herself on the wrong side of the real-life Fashion Police Fraud Squad recently, when one of her staff was accused of copying a floral jacket designed by Canadian label Mercy, whose designers designers Jennifer Halchuk and Richard Lyle are pictured above. Von Furstenberg has now apparently agreed to pay an undisclosed amount to the designers by way of compensation – and the member of staff responsible for the copycat crime has been fired. "I am devastated," von Furstenberg told Counterfeit Chic, "but this can be a lesson for everyone. I will do what is necessary to do, and if indeed there was an infringement, I will compensate and will use this example to make sure this…

Biba for Topshop – what do you think?

This model is waving her hands in the air, like she just don't care. Why? Because she's modelling pieces from the Biba for Topshop collection, which launches this Thursday. Well, wouldn't you be excited, too? Even although the clothes in question may or may not be pyjamas? Pyjamas-side, we're excited about this collection because… well, because it's designed by Barbara Hulanicki of Biba, and that's all kinds of cool. What about the clothes themselves, though? Well, there are some images under the jump, and you can view the full look book here. Remember to tell us what you think! the Fashion Police’s new obsession

We apologise in advance for this post. If you’re anything like us, it’s probably going to cost you a lot of money, because it concerns our new favourite website, The Outnet is a discount fashion site brought to you by the people who run Net-a-Porter, so you can probably tell already just why it’s so dangerous to your bank balance. Let us give you an idea, though: Christian Louboutin shoes for £140. An Anna Sui dress for £54. Phillip Lim jeans, £33. NOW do you see why we’re excited about this? Before you go getting TOO excited, though, be warned that truly amazing bargains like this are obviously going to be highly sought-after. and that means a lot of…

Proof that fashion can be dangerous: gun-shaped belt-buckle almost gets teenager shot by REAL police

 It's not just The Fashion Police you need to worry about when you're getting dressed in the morning, folks. No, sometimes the REAL cops have an interest in what you're wearing too, as teenager William Morales, from Key West, Florida, discovered to his cost when police almost shot him, believing his gun-shaped belt-buckle to be a real handgun. According to news reports, they were "milliseconds" away from firing at the teen, which just goes to show: fashion can be dangerous. (As anyone who's ever tried wearing 5" heels can probably testify…)

Peter Jensen gets death threats over kamik boots

  Despite appearances to the contrary, here at The Fashion Police, we’ve always believed fashion is a lighthearted thing that shouldn’t really be taken too seriously. Sure, we have lots of fun discussing what we consider to be Crimes of Fashion, but we don’t think it’s worth getting seriously upset about, or, indeed, threatening to kill someone over. So we were just a little bit disturbed, needless to say, when we learnt that fashion designer Peter Jensen has apparently been receiving death threats since he included some floral print kamik boots in his London Fashion Week show this February. The boots in question were inspired by original Greendlandic boots, and apparently the people of Greenland have taken their appearance in…

Michelle Obama on the cover of Vogue March 09

The rumours about Michelle Obama's impending stint on the cover of Vogue started months ago, but now here she is on the cover of US Vogues March 09 cover. The First Lady was allowed to select her own outfits for the shoot, and appears on the cover in a dress by Jason Wu, who will no doubt be delighted by Michelle's continued endorsement! Inside she wears Narcisco Rodriguez and J Crew – both labels she's been seen in before, most famously on Inauguration Day – amongst others. What do you think of this cover? [Source]

Sienna Miller is Elle’s Style Icon 2009

  Earlier today we showed you a shressed-up Anna Friel and Alice Dellall attending the Elle Style Awards, but as Manu rightly observed, neither of them won any style awards. In fact, the lady of the night was none other than Sienna Miller, who was named Elle’s Style Icon for her “fashion forward” sense of style. Sienna has actually dropped off the Fashion Police radar in the past few moths. We haven’t felt the need o arrest her for anything, but then again, she hasn’t exactly been blowing us away either, so we’re not quite sure how we feel about this one. Here she is ready to accept her reward in a Matthew Williamson dress and Louis Vuitton feather-shouldered blazer….

Victoria Beckham for Armani: what do you think?

Hot on the vertiginous heels of Madonna, and her stint as a model for Louis Vuitton, here are a couple of shots from Victoria Beckham’s campaign for Armani, due to hit billboards this Spring. Despite being ads for lingerie, not handbags, there’s still a lot less crotch than the Madonna campaign, you’ll be pleased to know, and we think Mrs Beckham looks pretty hot, all things considered. There’s one more after the jump – don’t forget to tell us what you think!

Madonna for Louis Vuitton: what do you think?

Having viewed Madonna’s campain for Louis Vuitton, The Fashion Police have grave concerns for Madonna’s head. In that it doesn’t quite appear to be connected to her body. No such concerns for Madonna’s legs, though: they’re definitely alive and kicking, and damn, but they’re kicking high. What do you think of this campaign? Two more photos after the jump…