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      fashion brands for women over 40

      40 Clothing Brands That Are Perfect For Older Women

      We all know that fashion has no age limit. Women want to look good at any age, but clothing retailers don’t always make that easy. Between designs and sizing, many of the most popular clothing brands are targeted towards young women. (Think Forever 21, Hollister, and American Eagle…) Women in their forties and fifties just aren’t looking for skintight jeans and crop tops – which make up the bulk of what those particular retailers have to offer. Fortunately, more and more labels are carrying a wider variety of sizes and a more diverse selection of cuts, colors, and the overall aesthetic that women over the age of 40 are looking for. These forty clothing brands are just a small selection…

      shopbop clearance sale

      The Spring Event Sale At Shopbop

      The Spring Event March 2nd to March 9th Up to 25% off full-price styles with code SPRING 15% off orders of $200+ 20% off orders of $500+ 25% off orders of $800+ DON’T miss out on one of the biggest shopbop sales of the year. Receive up to 25% off full priced items. This won’t last long. Click here to start shopping now! And remember shopbop always offers completely free returns.

      free people clearance summer 2020 sale fashion clothing

      8 Of the Best Items On Sale At Free People Right Now

      You know we never let our readers miss out on a great deal! That’s why we scour the internet for awesome fashion finds to share with you all. This week we’re sharing just eight of the best items currently on sale at Free People! Check them out below and visit the store’s site for even more great fashion deals. Click on each photo for more info! 1. My So Called Pullover, $89 How comfortable does this gigantic pullover look? We want to live in it! 2. CRVY Foxy Lady Velvet Bootcut Pants, $49 These flared pants are giving us major 70’s vibes and you know we love the 70’s… 3. Beyond The Horizon Pullover, $99 This striped flowing blouse would be perfect for so…

      shopbop clearance sale

      Shopbop Buy More, Save More Sale

      It’s that time of year again: One of our favorite retailers, Shopbop, is having their Buy More, Save More sale and we are so excited! This sale gives you the chance to score designer clothing and accessories at a fraction of the cost, so we know you’ll want every last detail. Check it all out below! The Shopbop Buy More, Save More Sale November 26th – December 1st Everything from handbags to winter coats will be available at great discounts during Shopbop’s Buy More, Save More sale!   Up to 25% off full-price items | Up to 75% off sale items 15% off orders of $200+ 20% off orders of $500+ 25% off orders of $800+ With code MORE19 The Shopbop Buy…

      All the Details On Shopbop’s End Of the Season Sale!

      Shopbop’s End of the Season sale is officially upon us and that means you can grab some of your favorite designer accessories and clothing items at incredible prices! Everything from handbags to shoes to dresses will be offered at discounted prices, so we know you won’t want to miss out on this sale! The Shopbop End of Season Sale 20% off orders under $500 25% off orders over $500 Code: STOCKUP19 Sale includes full-price and sale items Early Access: September 24th Sale Dates: September 25th to September 27th  

      ariana grande clothing line

      Ariana Grande Is Suing Fashion Giant Forever 21

      To say it’s been a bad couple of weeks for fashion retail giant Forever 21 would be an understatement. First there was the news that the company could potentially file for bankruptcy and now they’re being hit with a $10 million lawsuit from pop superstar Ariana Grande! Say whaaat? Yes, it is true. Ariana Grande is reportedly suing Forever 21 for a whopping $10 million after the company used her likeness in a recent social media campaign. In an attempt to promote some of their newest items, the company hired a model who slightly resembles Ariana to wear the clothing and accessories in their new ad campaign. They went as far as to have the model dress in almost exact…

      Target To Bring 20 High Fashion Brands To the Masses

      True fashionistas know that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look great. Stores like Target are known for offering gorgeous clothing and chic accessories at affordable prices, and Target will now be celebrating this very fact in a big way! To honor twenty years of affordable fashion, Target is teaming up with some of the biggest high fashion brands to release exclusive, budget-friendly collections. Target is calling this their “Design for All” program and the details are beyond exciting. The mass retailer will be teaming up with 20 high-end fashion designers that they’ve had previous collections with over the past two decades. These brands will be releasing all-new “capsule collections” of clothing and accessories that will be available…

      anna wintour melania trump fashion style

      Anna Wintour Makes Her Feelings Clear On Melania Trump

      Anyone who is interested in fashion knows that at the end of the day, there is only one opinion that really matters: Anna Wintour’s. The Vogue editor-in-chief is one of the biggest fashion icons in the world – if not the biggest. When it comes to fashion trends or style influencers, Anna is the one person that everyone goes to for some insight. “Does Anna approve? What does Anna think? Does Anna hate this?” You get the idea… The latest opinion Anna has blessed us with is on the fashion of First Lady Melania Trump. What she said (or rather, didn’t say) is now making headlines. Check it out below! Anna Wintour’s Thoughts On Melania Trump’s Fashion Anna has been Vogue’s editor-in-chief…

      nubian clothing nudes woc

      Fashion and Diversity: Why “Nude” Is Being Redefined

      When someone refers to a “nude” clothing item, what do you think of? Nude has always meant one thing in fashion: It has always referred to a light beige/cream shade that typically matches the skin tone of most white women. Well, that idea is about to change – and rightfully so. With more and more women of color excelling in the fashion industry, as both designers and models, the idea of “nude” is being redefined. What exactly does that mean? Why “Nude” Clothing Is Being Redefined First of all, what does nude even mean? As an adjective, the word nude refers to being naked, in one’s natural state. In terms of fashion, the word nude is defined as “a clothing…

      fashion finder outfit app

      What Is Amazon’s New StyleSnap Feature?

      Have you ever seen a photo online and thought, “I love what she’s wearing! Where did she get that?” Odds are, this has happened more times than you can count. If it’s a friend in the picture, you could obviously just ask, but what if it’s a celeb or other high-profile person? These people have thousands of messages and surely they’ll never reply to your one lonely comment asking where they got that gorgeous top. Or perhaps you saw an amazing outfit on someone in a magazine, but there were no details on where the items were from. What can you do to find these clothing items that caught your eye? Amazon has now set out to solve this problem…

      sza fashion label

      SZA Is Launching Her Very Own Sustainable Clothing Line!

      It was only a few weeks ago that Rihanna announced she would be launching her very own luxury fashion brand, and now it looks like another one of your favorite music superstars is jumping on the clothing line bandwagon. Singer-songwriter SZA just revealed that she’s developing her very own sustainable clothing line that will soon be available to fans everywhere! SZA has had massive success in music just in the past few years. She was nominated for “Best New Artist” at the Grammys last year and her debut album, Ctrl, has been certified platinum with well over 1 million sales. So can we expect the same success from her clothing brand? What Is SZA’s New Sustainable Clothing Line? SZA’s clothing line…

      rihanna fenty maison clothing

      Everything You Need To Know About the Rihanna Luxury Fashion Line!

      So…we think Rihanna is from another world. She is not of this Earth. She is some sort of super-human. If you’re thinking that we’re crazy, just hear us out: There is nothing this woman cannot do. 230 million worldwide album sales? Check. Fourteen number-one hits? Check. Starring roles in blockbuster movies? Check. Successful lingerie line? Check. One of the best-selling makeup brands in the world? Check. Check. Check. On top of all those acheivements, Rihanna has various philanthropic endeavors and is known for her global activism. Do you see what we’re saying now? The woman has conquered literally everything – okay, almost everything. She’s expanding her horizons with an all-new business endeavor that has her fans absolutely shooketh. Last week it was announced…

      green bikini

      What’s the Deal With The Cancerous Fashion Nova Swimsuit?

      If you’re an obsessed fashion follower like we are, you probably saw a headline or two about the latest controversy surrounding Fashion Nova. Apparently, one of the biggest clothing retailers in the world is under scrutiny for selling a swimsuit that could be cancerous. Yeah, you read that correctly. Cancerous. If your jaw has dropped, don’t worry. We had to pick our’s up off the floor. What’s With the Cancerous Fashion Nova Swimsuit? So basically every self-respecting fashion guru is familiar with the Fashion Nova brand, right? They quickly became one of the biggest fashion brands in the industry after Kylie Jenner touted her love for their form-fitted clothes and great prices. Even celebs like Cardi B, Amber Rose, and…

      sustainable clothing

      Circular Fashion: How Sustainable Clothing Can Help the Environment

      Every April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day – a day dedicated to raising awareness for environmental causes like sustainability, global warming, animal rights, and more. You may feel like fashion isn’t really related to environmental causes, but it actually is! How do you think your clothing and accessories are made, after all? The materials have to come from somewhere, so your clothing is directly linked to the environment. It turns out, our fashion choices may have been hurting the environment for decades now and many of us have never even thought of it. Because of this, many brands are turning to circular fashion to reduce their clothing’s impact on the environment. In honor of Earth Day, we’re taking a deeper…

      shopbop clearance sale spring 2019

      Shopbop’s Event of the Season 2019 Spring Sale!

      It’s time for Shopbop’s Event of the Season 2019 Spring Sale! You can always count on Shopbop to carry your favorite clothing and accessories from some of the biggest designers, and now those items will be available at major discounts! From the latest handbags to stylish dresses, you can find it all at Shopbop’s 2019 Event of the Season Spring Sale! Shopbop’s Event of the Season 2019 Spring Sale April 10th – April 12th (Sale begins April 9th for Shopbop Insiders) 20% off orders under $500 25% off orders over $500 Sale Code: EVENT19

      uo clearance

      Major Steals: 10 Of the Best Sale Items At Urban Outfitters

      Is there anything better than finding a great fashion deal? We love finding our favorite things at incredible prices – it really helps us build our wardrobe! One of our favorite retailers, Urban Outfitters, always has amazing discounted items and we’ve rounded up just a few that are on sale this week! Check out ten of the best sale items at Urban Outfitters below: Click on each photo for more info! 1. Out From Under Jojo Oversized Thermal Button-Front Top, $34   This bright yellow thermal is a perfect way to liven up your closet! 2. UO Remy Linen Ruffle Square-Neck Midi Dress, $59 Everyone needs a little black dress…or two…or three. This one is super casual and perfect for many…

      Style Steals: 10 Of the Best Items Under $50 At Anthropologie

      One of our all-time favorite retailers is Anthropologie, They’ve got adorable accessories and chic clothing that you can’t find anywhere else, but we have to admit that sometimes they can be a little pricey. That’s why we get beyond excited when we find major style steals from a place like Anthropologie! We rounded up some of the best of the week with these ten items under $50 at Anthropologie: Click on each photo for more info! 1. Laramie Tunic, $39 The cut-outs on this tunic make it adorably unique! 2. Ponte Mini Skirt, $49 This mini-skirt has a totally retro mod vibe! 3. Waffle Cardigan, $49 This cardigan is perfect for those Spring nights that are a little chilly. 4. Steppe Belt, $29…

      hm sale

      10 Of the Best New Arrivals At H&M

      It’s always the right time to add new pieces to your wardrobe, right? We love checking out the new items at all of our favorite retailers and we really love sharing the best finds with our readers! If you’re looking to add some things to your closet, there have been 100’s of new arrivals at H&M that we’re obsessed with! Check out just a few of the best new arrivals at H&M: Click on each photo for more info! 1. Patterned Wrap-front Skirt, $34 This flowy floral skirt will be perfect for your Spring wardrobe! 2. Single-Breasted Jacket, $49 A white blazer will look so good with a pair of jeans this Spring! 3. Paper-bag Pants, $34 How adorable are these paper-bag…

      Shopbop Buy More, Save More Sale!

      It’s time for Shopbop’s Buy More, Save More sale and you definitely don’t want to miss these amazing deals! From the hottest handbags to chic party dresses, you can find everything you need for your wardrobe at a stellar price! Shopbop Buy More, Save More Sale February 25th – March 3rd 15% off orders of $200+ 20% off orders of $500+ 25% off orders of $800 CODE:GOBIG19 The sale begins at 7:30AM February 25th and ends on March 3rd at 4AM. Don’t miss out on these incredible fashion steals! *Some exclusions apply.*

      items under $10 sale

      Major Steals: 10 Items Under $10 From the Old Navy Winter Clearance Sale

      How exciting is it to find exactly what you need for a crazy cheap price? We know that you love getting a great deal (so do we)! It just so happens that Old Navy is having their Epic Winter Clearance Sale right now and the prices are truly unbelievable! From socks to shirts to scarves – and even things that don’t start with “s” – there are hundreds of items at budget-friendly prices! Check out just ten of the best items under $10 at the Old Navy winter clearance sale: Click on each photo for more info! 1. Tuck-In Slim-Fit Tee, $7 This striped tee is simple and can be worn so many different ways! Wear it alone for a…