Fashion Criminal: Lindsay Lohan

It’s a little bit of a no-brainer to accuse Lindsay Lohan of crimes against fashion these days, but hey – forgot something lately, Linds? Like, maybe your underwear, perhaps?

Lindsay lohan

Even if she’d remembered to sling a bra on, this outfit would’ve probably got her arrested anyway: the shapelessness of it, the, er, jumpsuit-ness of it – and that’s before we even get onto the subject of the shoe boots. Ah yes, the shoe boots. Now, personally I’m not lovin’ this look. She could’ve just about got away with these if she’d worn them with jeans or trousers, but as it is, they’re cutting her legs off at the ankle, and making even perma-tanned n’toned Lindsay look pale and stumpy. Not one of her best looks, for sure.

Of course, the absence of underwear is nothing new for Lindsay. In fact, she obviously forgot to pack it altogether this week:

Lindsay Lohan

This is actually a pretty good outfit, and the hair and sunglasses look great. But wait a minute, what’s that? Ooops, hello Lindsay’s boobs! Haven’t seen you for ages! Oh no, wait, we have, haven’t we:

Lindsay Lohan

Hey, remember that Hole song, Celebrity Skin? Sing it with me, people:

When I wake up
In my makeup
It’s too early for that dress…

You hear what Courtney’s trying to tell you there, Linds? It’s morning. You just bought your first coffee of the day. And while we wouldn’t even recommend a dress like that for evening attire (not unless you want to time travel back to 1985, obviously), wearing it at this time of day makes you look like you’re just stumbling your way home, bleary eyed and without your underwear. Is this really the look you’re going for, Linds?

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