The Winkee: Not What It Looks Like


Meet The Winkee, fashion fans. Yes, we know it looks like a pair of knickers stretched over a bra. Be serious, though: would we show you a pair of knickers stretched over a bra in the name of fashion? (Answer: Yup, we totally would.) No, this Winkee has a practical purpose: it attaches to your bra, allowing you to wear low-cut tops without fear of flashing your cleavage. To everyone else, you’ll look just like you’re wearing a vest or cami top under your sweater – you, alone, will know that you’re wearing The Winkee.

Winkees are $15 each, and come in a couple of different styles and colours. Couldn’t you just wear an actual vest under your sweater, though, and achieve the same result, we hear you ask? Well, we guess you could. But would that be as much fun as wearing a Winkee?

[Via Styledash]
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