More of a phrase but I HATE “nautical but nice”. …

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More of a phrase but I HATE “nautical but nice”. It has been used in every magazine that’s ever featured a spread nautical-themed fashion. (I also hate “boxing clever”, what does it even mean??).
Not a fan of most of the words mentioned already but would like to add the over-use of “tresses” and “locks”, I mean it’s HAIR, you can call it that once in a while.

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Usolved Mysteries | Finger Gloves
I think these are genius.

It clearly makes sense to buy a fingerless pair of gloves, plus two sets of fingers, instead of buying a regular pair of gloves.

A regular pair of gloves can only be worn one way! These have endless possibilities. You could leave your index finger bare for easy use of your touch screen devices, or your middle finger free for rude gestures at motorists, or your pinkie finger free for, um, polite pinkie-up tea drinking.

I think $800 is a small price to pay for such amazing flexibility in digit-dressing.

Culottes make a comeback: want some?
I used to wear culottes at primary school, which was great. All the girlyness of a skirt without flashing your knickers during handstands. I’m undecided how much use I’d have for them these days, as I tend not to handstand at lunch time any more. The tragedy of being a grown up.

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