I’m going to give this garment the ok, as so …

Comment on Fashion Victim? Silk and lace long-sleeved bolero by ‘Victim’ by Roz.

I’m going to give this garment the ok, as so often things that look like crapola on the hanger, can look sensational on.

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Crime of Fashion? The Sad Smock
Handcuffs aren’t enough for this criminal. it’s straight to death row!

From the “It Could Be Curtains” Files: SUNO Flowy Wide Leg Pants
$702 ! ,ind boggling.. but, if you look at the volume of fabric.. probably good value for money.. but, that still can’t buy ya the right style, can it…

Style on Trial: Longsleeve playsuits
A Winter playsuit…. hmm, obviously requires VERY good bladder control too, unless of course, those wearers are happy with the idea of taking everything off every time ‘nature calls’…
Oh Fashion Police, you need medals for the good service you are doing.
Playsuits – strictly for those who are still in nappies, even then, if they haven’t got domes around the legs, the baby doesn’t get a look in.

Speaking of playsuits.. shudder.. Sean Connery in Gold Finger, towelling, powder blue, tooo high waist.. seriously, after seeing that, it’s a wonder he got another movie role!

Style on Trial: Bright pants – J Crew Café Capri
Blah, blah, hideous. wrong, on so many levels.. Sadly, the majority of people who wear these, really should not! cuting off at the ankle, or in some sad people’s cases, well above ankle, making the ankle look like a Kankle, and turning them dwarf like. Harsh sounding I know… to be fair there will be a teeny amount of teeny souls out there who can pull these off, even possibly in white. The shoe choice with these is vital, it would have to be a heel, anything to add an illusion of length to the leg, to avoid the stumpy-kankle factor. I’m too scared to ask if these have an elastic or ‘easy-fit’/’comfort’ waist… shudder.. BAN THEM!

Frankenshoes: Brian Atwood tie-up feather sandals
I like them, I think they’re fun.. everyone needs a little madness in their lives.

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