Crimes of Fashion, Outerwear

Fashion Victim? Silk and lace long-sleeved bolero by ‘Victim’

We think ‘Victim’ is a particularly apt brand name for this bolero, because it DOES look like it’s been the victim of some kind of vicious attack, perhaps at the dastardly hands of the Fashion Ripper, who knows? Poor thing: once upon a time, it was an entire jacket, now it’s just shoulders and sleeves and while, OK, it does have “being a bolero” as its excuse, we’re not quite buying it . (Literally, we mean. It IS £410, after all, which means we’re DEFINITELY not buying it…)

Perhaps, though, you disagree. Perhaps you feel the slightly bedraggled look of this item simply adds to its charm, and that it would be the perfect addition to your wardrobe for those days when your arms are cold but your belly is warm? Do you? If so, you can buy it from Far Fetch, for the aforementioned £410.

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