Style On Trial

Style on Trial: Unitards


We suspect (hope?) we already know the answer to this one, but you told us we got it very wrong about those Reebok Freestyles we featured earlier this month, and The Fashion Police aren’t ashamed to admit it when they’re wrong, so in order to test that our Fashion Radar is still working properly, we’d like to know what you think about unitards in general, and, indeed, this unitard in particular, which we found on the ASOS website this morning, selling for £18, and apparently "in the style of Pixie Geldof".

Our first thought here was "camel toe!" Because if anything’s going to give you a full-on camel toe, we’re thinking a skin-tight unitard would be it. Our second thought was, "God, that’s a bad picture of Pixie Geldof that they’re using to sell this thing", but I guess that’s neither here nor there. And our third? Well, our third thought was simply that it would take a very brave woman, with a whole lot of confidence to go out in public wearing one of these.

To the question on hand, then: what do you think of unitards? Crime of Fashion or totally hawt?

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