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Fashion Trends for Winter 2010: Slippers as shoes

Meet the latest fashion trend for winter 2010, readers: slippers as shoes!

The phrase “slippers as shoes” is perhaps a little misleading here, because these “slippers” actually are shoes, in that they have thick soles and sturdy uppers, and are most definitely designed to be worn outdoors. The good news, then, is that no one is expecting you to “do a Tesco” and walk around in public in your actual slippers. The bad news, however, is that you’ll still look like you’re out in public in your slippers, even although these are actually a pair of £62 shoes from Office.

These shoes, however, are merely one example of this trend, which, according to the October issue of UK Vogue, is set to be huge this winter. Tom Ford, Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo have also designed slipper-style shoes for winter, and they all bear a more than passing resemblance to those old velvet slippers your grandad used to wear to smoke his pipe in of an evening. (Well, some of them do. The Louboutins are spike-covered leopard skin, and we don’t expect many grandpas wore that, although you never know.) Despite this, Vogue touts these shoes are the perfect “day to night” footwear choice, suitable for both men and women.

Are they suitable for YOU, though, we want to know? Will you be rocking the “slippers as shoes” look this winters, or do you believe that slippers should be slippers, shoes should be shoes, and never the twain should meet, because only ugliness can come of such a crossover?

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