Fashion Trends : Wet look


Wet look. We've been seeing it for a while now on leggings, of course, but it would appear that wet look fashion was infectious, and has spread to other members of the world of clothes: on our travels around the web this week, we encountered wet look dresses, tops, skirts and tunics – and there's still an awful lot of wet-look leggings out there, too.

What does everyone think of this development? We've already admitted that we don't actually mind the wet look leggings (we know that admission will shock some of you, and we understand), but in the case of the dress shown above, for instance, we tend to think that if it shows up every lump and bump on the mannequin, it's going to do exactly the same for us – only worse. Much worse. As for shiny gold and silver things, well, the less said the better.

What do you think, though? Is this trend a crime of fashion?

Black wet-look vest dress, £20, Miss Selfridge; Black wet-look mini skirt, £16, Miss Selfridge; Gold wet-look vest, £16, Dorothy Perkins; Snake wet-look leggings, £20, Topshop; wet look one shoudler tunic top, £25, Topshop

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