I can’t stress enough how I agree with you!! An …

Comment on Ten fashion trends we hate right now… by Tali.

I can’t stress enough how I agree with you!! An over-layered top part (shirt, sweater, vest, coat, oversized scarf…) looks ridiculous when put on a stick-like pale white bottom (aka bare legs)!
My only hope is that the opposite will never occur – imagine a fur coat and a beanie on a beach in July!

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I would so wear the read version XD

Is this one of the worst wedding dresses ever?
Ok, so I got married in DIY leather dress, so I thought (when I clicked on the link in my Bloglovin reader) – I probably be the one who’d say yay, I’d be married in a dress like this! But then I saw the full photos… and the other ones.
I refuse to believe these people are serious.. especially those, who made the last one.

Where would you wear that? Suede fox mask by Fleet Ilya
Lol I think paired with a hat it would keep your face warm and bring some humor in the outfit!:)

Fashion Ripper targets Free People handbag
Lol they’re weird! But I confess I like them, I’d even wear one like this if it was a DIY, maybe I should even think about it..

Style Trial: Lindsay Lohan at the ‘Liz and Dick’ L.A. premiere
That was my first thought when I saw this photo. Finally she’s back to red hair!

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