I am really hating how overalls are making a comeback! …

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I am really hating how overalls are making a comeback! Except I don’t know where they are coming back from since there are only three reasons to wear them ever:

1. You’re a farmer
2. You’re homeless (men’s overalls have plenty of pockets)
3. You’re too young to be in kindergarten

If you meet none of these criteria, you don’t need to wear overalls. I also hate the selling of already destroyed clothing. I am talking to you, Free People.

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Fifty Fashion Fails (According to a new survey)
I agree with many of these. Crocs and Uggs are hideous, and ripped clothes should be thrown away. But waterfall cardigans look lovely on my figure and hoodies serve a practical. Flares can look good if you have the right body and personality for them, and I actually like crop tops with a higher waisted skirt thank you very much.

But the baseball/trucker hats can die right along with jeggings.

The only real problem with tracksuits is that they also serve a purpose which is frequently not taken into consideration. I still use tracksuit pants to go to dance class, or to walk/run. My theory is if it can be mistaken for pajamas you should not wear it to the grocery!

IMPORTANT! There is nothing wrong with Elsa Pataky’s baby bump! We are not the E! Network! Everyone calm down!
Wow, people need to get a grip. Check it out before hashing it out!

Trend Trial | Sensible Sandals as a Fashion Statement
Probably will not wear these. I am much more likely to wear a ballet flat or sneakers for a more casual outfit. I have never liked the look of Birkenstocks.

Is It Offensive? | Tesco removes “Geek” slogan clothing following complaint
I will also go with no. I thought terms like “nerd” and “geek” had lost all offensive connotations in modern society. Heck, many people ask for geek glasses! They even make fake ones for those who are not seeing impaired. And I personally highly doubt that an 18 month old’s friends are ridiculing him.

Kate Moss, 40, is “Paddling in the Shores of Old Lady” lake, according to the Daily Mail
…. And to think my Mom believe the Mail is real news. I have try to tell her otherwise, but it almost always ends with me wanting to hurt myself. Sigh. I really hate when media outlets do this.

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