I saw someone wearing a dress like these on the …

Comment on Fashion Trends: the very literal interpretation of the shirtdress by Gemma.

I saw someone wearing a dress like these on the tube the other day. Looked much like she’d forgotten to put trousers on.

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Star Style Wars: Diane Kruger Vs Angelina Jolie at the Inglorious Basterds premiere
If anyone’s seen “Spirited Away”, I think Kruger’s dress makes her look like a soot sprite 🙂

Budget Buy: Polka Dot Sweetheart Top from Forever 21

Seasonless Dressing: do you do it? (Alexa Chung and Kelly Osbourne do)
Today I’m wearing a sleeveless dress, opaque tights, and a cardi as it’s a bit overcast and I’m in an air conditioned office. When it’s hot I drop the tights, but with the weather in the UK being so changeable I don’t put autumn/winter clothes away – you never know when you’ll need them!

Primark’s Autum 09 Collection: what do you think?
Ugh, why is everything so 80s at the moment? Can’t see myself buying or wearing any of this.

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