I think something you’re all failing to realize here is …

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I think something you’re all failing to realize here is that all those models are most likely 5′ 9″ and up. So on shorter women (ie most women, as the average height for women is well below that), these dresses would not be obscene in the least. And shirt dresses have been in for -years-, they’re not some new fashion phenomena.

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Marks & Spencer’s 2 Sizes Bigger Push Up Bra Predicted to Sell Out by Saturday
Amen. My boobs are already too big to fit into most nice dresses, I don’t need the extra padding to make that more difficult.

Confused clothing: the Current/Elliott Skinny Cargo Mid-rise jeans
Someone was wearing these (at the very least a mannequin) and they have obviously been photoshopped out, otherwise the jeans wouldn’t have that kind of shape lying down. That said, when thighs that don’t even touch in the middle are considered “fat” I’ll eat my hat.

To the OP: Current/Elliott’s actually cargo skinnys (which are much like J brand’s houlihans) are much cuter. This plain denim incarnation is just meh.

“All Women Should Be Size 14”, says the Daily Mail. Say what?
What? Christina Henricks has a more implausible body shape than most super models! If I starved myself enough I’m sure I could get that look, because super models don’t have to have big breasts or butts, they just have to be very very slim. But Christina Henricks, as pretty as she is, has a VERY difficult to replicate body type. Notice that her arms are nice and slim but her breasts are extremely large? Or that her waist is still pretty tiny (as well as her thighs!)? When most women gain weight, it definitely does not all go into their breasts. And a lot of times their arms and thighs are the first things to become “flabby”. Christina Hendricks does NOT represent the “average” size 14 anymore than Marilyn Monroe did. That’s just ridiculous.

Paris Hilton really likes Louis Vuitton
I’m going to be honest, I’m tired of the “look at this celebrity who is better than you because she has more money! Feel bad you poor loser! Bet you wish you had a private jet!” kind of stuff. That’s what tabloids are for. It’s seems to be just picture of Paris showing off how she’s richer than everyone else. Sure, it includes LV but I don’t see the fashion news associated with this. We all pretty much know what LV products look like, we all pretty much know Paris can spend all she wants on it, and we all pretty much know that she likes to show off that she can spend all she wants on it. Where’s the fashion news here? This reminds me more of watching Cribs than anything else. We might as well get a post showing her bank account balance.

I normally really love the posts on this site and follow it (and all your other sites) daily. But this post just really irks me, because it seems less of what I associate with The Fashion Police and more of what I associate with reading People. I don’t think Paris needs you to flaunt her wealth for her.

Ellen Page in green at the L.A. premiere of Inception
The shape of the dress isn’t very flattering on her. It makes her look like she has no hips and gives her no shape whatsoever. An oddly, the rectangular look that it achieves also makes her shoulders look extra broad. I think she probably would have been better off with something a bit more flowing.

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