Fashion Trends on Trial: Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants: wide legged, loose-fit, soft fabric, crazy patterns… they’re like the pyjamas you can wear in public, aren’t they?

(Wait, what are we saying here? Some of you wear ACTUAL pyjamas in public, don’t you? You can skip this post.)

Of course, not ALL palazzo pants come with prints that scream “summer in Boca”. Some are in plain colours or ditsy florals, and if we wanted to play devil’s advocate (which we don’t, really, but what the hell) we could argue that the loose fit and flowy fabric makes them a good choice for a hot summer, and that, when paired with a floppy hat, they can create a vaguely 70s¬†silhouette¬†which is OMGONTREND.

Or we could just say that, hey, these prints make our eyeballs bleed.

What do YOU say?

(All items pictured are available at BooHoo.)

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