Fashion Trends: Hitch hem dresses and skirts


Remember hems? Remember when they were straightforward and unfussy? Those days are gone. These days we sometimes struggle to find dresses that don't have what's known as a "hitched" hemline – something you can see illustrated in the image above.

The hitch skirt or dress is a close relation of the puffball: it creates a skirt with a lot of volume, and a much "rounder" shape than most other styles, although all hitched dresses are not created equal, and some are more "hitched" than others – as you can also see above.

What does everyone think of this trend? Is it a welcome change from boring old straight hems, or is it too close to the puffball for comfort? Tell us!

Stone hitch skirt, £28,Dorothy Perkins, Green crochet hitch dress, £38, Dorothy Perkins, ruffle hitch up dress, £28, New Look, Bryony hitch dress, £160, All Saints, check hitched mini skirt, £15,Miss Selfridge

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