Fashion Trends for Winter 2010: Midi dresses

Maxi dresses were popular all summer, and mini dresses are popular almost ALL the time, which means that the midi dress has been due a revival for a while now, and this winter the fashion powers-that-be have decided it’s going to get one.

Now, the midi (or mid-calf length) is a notoriously difficult length to wear. It hits right at the widest part of the calf, which isn’t always flattering, and the length can also look just a tad frumpy if you’re not careful.

Still, midi dresses are currently finding their way into lots of our favourite stores, so if you do want to give the look a go, our advice is to:

a) Go for a fairly fitted style: sack-like dresses that hit at mid-calf are as frumpy as it gets, but a fitted style can actually look rather elegant, and the longer length of the dress makes it easier to get away with a bodycon fit without looking like you’re going clubbing.

b) Go for high heels, to help make your legs look longer and slimmer, and stop the dress from looking dowdy.

What does everyone think of midi dresses (or skirts, for that matter)? Will you give them a go, or just sticking to whatever your usual hem length of choice is?

(All dresses pictured: Dorothy Perkins)

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