Fashion Thanksgiving

Thefashionpolice This Thanksgiving we’re thankful for…

  • * Dresses with waists. Thank God the baggy tent-dresses of last year finally seem to be dying out, making way for clothes that don’t make us look pregnant!
  • * Weather that’s too cold and wet for Crocs. Who knew winter had its uses?

*Net-a-Porter and eLuxury for letting us look at at all their beautiful clothes and shoes – even although we can’t afford to buy them.

*Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, for keeping us endlessly amused with their outrages outfits and strangely-styled models (yes, AA, that would be you!).

*Britney Spears and Brooke Hogan, for the same reasons.

*Marc Jacobs. He’s spent the year making some of the worst shoes we’ve ever seen, but we still love him.

*The fact that there are still plenty of skinny jeans to be had, even although everyone’s been predicting their demise for months now.

*Our fabulous, Fashion Police readers – but of course!

What fashionable things are you giving thanks for today?

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