Crimes of Fashion

Crimes of Couture Fashion Week: Part 2


Introducing the "Shant Dress*" by Anne Valerie Hash. Yet another designer falls victim to the "OMG, making everything TOTALLY SEE THROUGH would be SO 2008!" disease that’s been sweeping Planet Fashion lately. Luckily, most women have bodies like supermodels, so will totally be able to get away with having everything on show all the time. Oh no, wait… we don’t, do we?

*Yes, we’re using the word "shants" to apply to anything that’s see-through. Because we are lazy.

Anne Valerie Hash
Now, Keira Knightley is going to just love this. Remember, ribcages are the new boobs, folks!
More shant action from Chanel
Hey, aren’t those Lindsay Lohan’s leggings?
Christian Lacroix
Don’t you just love it when the circus comes to town?
Livin’in a box. Livin’ in a Christian Lacroix box…
Christian Lacroix
Vlada wished she hadnt allowed her mother-in-law to choose the wedding dress…

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