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Fashion Rules on Trial: “Never mix black and navy”


It’s been a while since we debunked some of those old fashion rules your granny used to tell you about, so we thought it was time to take on another one, namely the old “never mix black and navy” chestnut.

Although most of us happily disregard many of the other so-called “rules” (”No white after Labor day”, etc), the black and navy rule is one that has managed to live on, and there are quite a lot of people out there who are still wary about mixing the two. Should they be? We say “no”. Black and navy can look perfectly fine together as long as it looks deliberate. “Looking deliberate” is hard to define, but in general, as long as there’s a bit of space between the two colours, or you’ve used some kind of accessory to tie them together ( a scarf or bag containing both colours would be ideal), it should work. On the other hand, navy tights with a black dress and shoes could look like a mistake – although, as with so many things in fashion, it would depend very much on the items in question and the person wearing them.

What do you think? Do you mix black and navy, or do you think it should still be counted as a fashion crime?

[Navy skirt, Shop Ruche; black top, Dorothy Perkins]
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