Fashion “Rules” Revisited: Can you wear navy and black together?

Can you wear navy and black together?

It’s OK, settle down at the back there: we know you don’t think Pippa Middelton‘s fashion sense is ever worth talking about, but it’s OK, this isn’t about Pippa, she’s here purely for the purposes of illustration.

And what is Pippa “Perfect Butt” Middleton here to illustrate, we hear you ask? Why, she’s illustrating the wearing of navy and black. Together. In the same outfit. Once considered to be the severest of fashion crimes (Penalty: social death.), this colour combo is one that pops up all the time these days, to the extent that there are probably kids alive today who have NO IDEA this was once considered a crime, imagine.

Is it, though? Well, Pippa Middelton obviously doesn’t think so, as she heads to work in her navy top and black blazer. But what would Pippa Middelton know? It’s the opinions of our Fashion Jurors we want to hear, so have at it, folks: what do you think of the wearing of navy and black?

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