Fashion Resolutions for 2008!

2008_3 It’s 2008! We hope you all had a great holiday, and are ready to face another fashionable (or not-sofashionable, as the case may be) year with us.

Here at Fashion Police HQ, I spent part of my holiday ruthlessly cleaning out and reorganising my closet (there ain’t no party like a Fashion Police, party, I’m tellin’ ya), and the sheer horror of this exercise has led me to make some fashion resolutions for the year ahead, including:

* Buy some clothes that aren’t black.

* Or green.

* Stop buying white vest tops every time I see them. Just stop.

* Wear more dresses, rather than just throwing on the usual uniform of skinny jeans and vest tops every morning.

* Finally get it through my thick head that all those shoes that are just a little bit too tight probably won’t stretch. So stop buying them.

* Stop buying fabulous evening clothes and shoes on the grounds that I might one day have the opportunity to wear them.  I probably wont, and even if I do, it won’t stop me buying something new.

* Send all the clothes I haven’t worn in the past two years to the charity shop. Yes, even that D&G shirt that’s too big for me, but is such a fabulous colour.

* Stop buying clothes that are too big just because I like the colour/shape/style. Seriously, only stupid people do that.

* Only buy clothes I absolutely love and will wear rather than disposable fashion that’ll be worn once and then charity-shopped.

So, those are my 2008 fashion resolutions. What are yours?


  • January 3, 2008


    I only have one 2008 fashion resolution: Wear more heels (more than twice a year which is the current state ..those damn sneakers are just soo comfortable I just can’t loose them)
    I love the blog btw 🙂

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  • January 7, 2008


    1. Find flattering jeans (i.e. don’t make my thighs look huge or my legs short and stumpy).
    2. Buy some clothes that aren’t solid colors.
    3. Stop buying t-shirts from that will only be worn around the house.
    5. Stop buying things at thrift shops that will never be worn.

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