Fashion Resolutions for 2008!

2008_3 It’s 2008! We hope you all had a great holiday, and are ready to face another fashionable (or not-sofashionable, as the case may be) year with us.

Here at Fashion Police HQ, I spent part of my holiday ruthlessly cleaning out and reorganising my closet (there ain’t no party like a Fashion Police, party, I’m tellin’ ya), and the sheer horror of this exercise has led me to make some fashion resolutions for the year ahead, including:

* Buy some clothes that aren’t black.

* Or green.

* Stop buying white vest tops every time I see them. Just stop.

* Wear more dresses, rather than just throwing on the usual uniform of skinny jeans and vest tops every morning.

* Finally get it through my thick head that all those shoes that are just a little bit too tight probably won’t stretch. So stop buying them.

* Stop buying fabulous evening clothes and shoes on the grounds that I might one day have the opportunity to wear them.  I probably wont, and even if I do, it won’t stop me buying something new.

* Send all the clothes I haven’t worn in the past two years to the charity shop. Yes, even that D&G shirt that’s too big for me, but is such a fabulous colour.

* Stop buying clothes that are too big just because I like the colour/shape/style. Seriously, only stupid people do that.

* Only buy clothes I absolutely love and will wear rather than disposable fashion that’ll be worn once and then charity-shopped.

So, those are my 2008 fashion resolutions. What are yours?

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