Fashion Police Poll: Do you plan your outfits in advance?


The Fashion Police have always aspired to be the type of people who plan their outfits well and advance, and maybe even lay them out the night before, in order to save time in the morning, but sadly for us, we're just not.

Part of this is purely practical: as some of you may know, our HQ is located in the UK, where the weather is as changeable as Paris Hilton's boyfriends, which means that clothing decisions often have to be a last-minute thing, when we wake up and find out what the weather's doing today. (And even then, we'll probably have to get changed halfway through the day when it changes yet AGAIN.)

Partly, though, we're just not very good at planning. We may THINK we're going to be in a jeans-and-t-shirt-mood tomorrow, only to wake up and find that actually, it's gong to be a dress-and-heels-day, so despite our best efforts to get organised, we still mostly fly by the seat of our pants. Or dresses. Or skirts.

What about you? Are you an outfit planner, or do you just take each day as it comes? Vote in the poll under the jump!

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