Fashion Police in Cannes: Salma Hayek in a red leather Gucci dress

Well, that’s an unual detail on Salma Hayek’s shoulders, isn’t it? In fact, it looks almost like Anthony Banderas!

Whoops, our mistake! That IS Anthony Banderas, and he’s not actually on her shoulders, he’s just standing behind them. Which was a bit of a disappointment, actually, because when first we glanced at this photo, we were all, “Wow, Salma is STRONG! You go girl!” But we’re not here to talk about Anthony Banderas, or Salma’s strength. We’re here to talk about her red leather Gucci dress:

This was the best photo our agency had of it. Yes, we were disappointed too, because this has to be one of the more interesting red carpet dresses of recent times. A leather dress? In that heat? And a shrug over the top? It may look good (or, of course, it may not, and we’ll let you be the judge of that), but it makes us feet HOT. And not in a good way.

What do you think?


  • May 12, 2011


    I think the dress would look better without that particular shrug. However, without some kind of detail/clothing at the shoulders, it would also look far too casual for a red carpet event.

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  • May 12, 2011


    I love the look, though it might be excruciatingly hot. Depending on the weather, I guess. (then again, Salma always looks hot)

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  • June 3, 2011


    Please, it´s Antonio not Anthony! 😉

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