Fashion Police Glossary: The Dress-Like-a-Toddler Trend

The Dress Like a Toddler Trend is a fashion movement which, although not particularly widespread, has still proved to be popular with some people. Some people who feel that adults should dress like toddlers, that is.

A large part of the Dress Like a Toddler Trend involves the wearing of adult onesies:

These guys think they look really cute, quirky, and, like, totally adorable. They don’t have girlfriends.

If they were in the comfort of their own home, it might be OK. (Unless, of course, they were hoping to get lucky that night, if you know what we mean). We’re not saying you can’t ever choose comfort over style, you see: we’re just saying that when you’re wearing the same clothes as your 11-month-old, you might want to reconsider…

This guy isn’t getting any either.

Imagine a toddler’s head on this model’s body. No, actually, don’t: that’s kind of weird. Try to UN-imagine it now. You can’t, can you? Every time you see someone in denim overalls and a colourful shirt, you’re going to think they look like a giant toddler. Welcome to our world, readers!

Would you wear the same shoes as your five-year-old sister? You would if you liked to dress like a toddler. The only difference is that she’s probably not paying $695 for hers… (Bonus ‘toddler’ points if you wear these with frilly ankle socks. Fashionistas call this “edgy”. We call it “dressing like a toddler”.) We don’t think all shoes have to be high. We don’t even think all shoes have to be “pretty”. We just don’t think they have to look like this.

Anyone think of any other examples?

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