Fashion Police Glossary: Shants



Word: Shants (noun): from the term “sheer pants” and referring to a pair of pants (or trousers, if you’re in the UK), which are are totally sheer.

Crime of Fashion? Oh hell, yes: in fact, we’d venture to suggest that shants are one of the biggest fashion crimes out there. Take a look under the jump if you don’t believe us…


Above: shants on the runway at Marc Jacobs, S/S 08. Around this time, shants were being touted as “the next big thing” and were all set to take over our wardrobes, thankfully that didn’t happen, but there were those who succumbed to the shants evil spell…


Poor Liza Minelli. We had to arrest her for her own safety after this shocking shants crime. She’s up for parole next year, but she’ll only get out if she promises to burn the offending shants and never speak of them again. But where did she get them, we hear you ask? Well, probably from

CrimeoffashionYes, while most retailers stubbornly refused to stock shants, Yoox embraced them wholeheartedly, and cheerfully set about photographing their models wearing nothing but shants and a thong. It was a little disturbing, to be honest:

FffSee what we mean?

The observant among you will already have noticed the suggestion of a dropped-crotch on the pants above.

Harem_shantsNote: they’re even more frightening when they’re worn with white underwear…

HaremshantsUndoubtedly one of the most dangerous fashion criminals out there, we urge you to approach shants with caution – or not at all – and report all sightings to The Fashion Police!



  • August 19, 2008


    People pay for these? One of them I might, only because they look like harem pants and they might be nice to wear for my guy…but the rest? What?

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  • August 19, 2008


    They are basically very baggy tights – NOT to be worn on their own!

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  • August 20, 2008


    in the name of all things holy…white undies, thigh highs, and shants…please tell me this person repented after putting those on…oh this will haunt me for ages…
    The harem-style ones to me are less made for public wear than for costume or boudoir…and that I can forgive. But ugh. Any other reason, nuh uh.

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  • September 10, 2012

    Carolina W

    Well, I guess you could maybe get away with the purple pair if you were some sort of belly or exotic dancer, but other than that, shants can burn in the Bad Fashion Bonfire. Yuck!

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  • November 20, 2012


    i think they´re trying to remember that tv show… jeannie

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