Fashion Police Glossary: “Meggings” – male leggings

A couple of weeks ago, it was brought to our attention that is currently trying to encourage men to wear leggings: and no, we don’t mean “under trousers, when it’s really cold” or “under shorts, for long-distance running”, we mean every day. As fashion items.

Now, in the spirit of equal opportunity, The Fashion Police would have to say we can see no reason why men shouldn’t wear leggings if they so desire. If men DO want to wear leggings, however, we think they should abide by the same basic “rule” we ask women to observe. Yes, we’re talking about the Leggings Are Not Pants rule. Guys, this applies to you, too. Please don’t wear them as pants. It’s just too much information, trust us.

Of course, trust ASOS to have a solution to this issue. Here’s their suggestion for getting around the TMI issue created by “meggings”:

Ah, the metrosexual male! He’s like a little lost lamb there, isn’t it?

Is this the look you’re aiming for, men? Ladies, do you want to rip this guys clothes off? (And if so, is it just because you want to replace them with something other than meggings?) Click here to buy some meggings of your very own.

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