Fashion Police Glossary: Coatigan (Coat Cardigan)


It’s happened again, readers. Yes, the fashion powers-that-be have decided we need a whole new word to describe something that’s been around for ages, because really, why would you use two words when you can mash them together and create a stupid-sounding new word?

This time the new word is “coatigan”. Which means “coat cardigan” (or, as we would probably say, “cardigan coat”). Do you see what they did there? “They”, of course, are Topshop, who inform us that “The Coatigan is a key piece for AW09″. So remember that name, readers.

As for the garment itself, well, we actually love coat-style cardigans because they tend to do an excellent job of keeping us warm, while still looking smart. This one, however, we have no love for whatsoever. We have a feeling there could be a nice shape under there, but we just can’t tell because we have to look away from the pattern every few second to rest our eyes. If you have no such concerns, though, this “coatigan” can be yours for £65.

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