Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Topshop’s version of Chanel’s Russian doll bag


Valerie from Belgium sent us a link to this Topshop handbag, which she thought looked rather similar to Chanel's Matryoshka bag, which won your approval when we featured it back in January.

Even without the Chanel logos, we somehow doubt any of you would've needed our help working out which bag is which, here, because the Chanel looks expensive (as well it should), while the Topshop version is… yeah. 

Of course, the Chanel bag does cost around £2,500, and that's assuming you can get hold of one, whereas the Topshop bag is £22 and available now, so if you've been longing to hang one of these on your arms, you can buy it here.


  • July 8, 2009


    It’s not exactly a knock off, as it looks more like a dollar store coin purse than a bag. Still, it’s clear where the idea came from. No pride in originality, for sure.

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  • July 9, 2009


    Looks like something a Catholic child would use instead of an Easter basket to put candy in.

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  • July 10, 2009


    I think this is a perfect solution! It would be nice if the matryoshka were 3D though.

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  • July 12, 2009

    a woman

    Chanel’s is prettier… the Topshop version looks a little cheap. (it kind of is, compared to Chanel)

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